We offer a free consultation before your first session. It will be 15 minutes and give a chance to learn more about you. After discussing your goals we can create a game plan and schedule your first sessions. Schedule your free consultation below


One-On-One Sessions

One-on-one sessions are a valuable tool for anyone with a specific goal in mind. Whether it be achieving a target weight, is sport specific, or you are simply more comfortable with the personal aspect of a one-on-one session, these are a great option! The workouts are programmed specifically for YOU Best of all they can be scheduled week to week, perfect for those with a crazy schedule.

Small Group Training

Personal Group sessions are also offered for those who have a friend or two who share a common goal. The group sessions work similar to the one-on-ones except the attention of the trainer will be spread throughout the group instead of just on one individual. Group sessions give you the same personalized experience and are a more affordable alternative.

What's included:

– Personalized warm ups, workouts and cool downs
– Nutritional Guidance throughout

– Extreme flexibility with scheduling Monday-Sunday
– Weekly check-ins to see how your body & mind are feeling and to make sure you're sticking to your nutrition plan

– Intra-session chats/self-help advice to let the client fully

de-stress and create good life style habits for their health & fitness

We can promise that any individual who gives us a shot, goes 100% each day, and follows the guidance of our coaches, will achieve their desired results.

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